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"L. M. Lloyd" wrote:

> Well, box 1 had been carefully opened and only viewed once, and box 2
> was still brand new and sealed, so I don't feel too bad, since
> everyone I have talked to says that the only ones you can find around
> Japan are all used in various condition.

Most of the Used stuff you find on Japanese shelves these days. is in
exceptionally good shape Theres just so much of it that stores won't buy a
disk unless it's in like new condition. If something is old or extremely
rare like say a Mospeada box it is much more likely to have problems. the
LDs in alot of shops are letter coded. "A" is like new. "A prime" is new
but opened (a common practice, used to get around restrictions on how much
stores can discount new items.) "B" is scratched but still plays OK. "C"
and below is crap.

> In addition to that, I had
> spent two and a half years, with people constantly telling me how
> common they were, waiting for one of three people to bring a set back
> from Japan, but every time someone came back from Japan, they said
> they couldn't find one that trip, even though they know they ran
> across several the trip before.

It happens. Store inventories can change alot in a few months time, but
it sounds like your friends didn't want to lug 2 box sets around Tokyo.
^_^ gundam and Macross LDs have been plentiful and cheap both times that
I went.

---Brett Jensen

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