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<< Seriously, what could possibly be done with the real robot genre that
 hasn't already been done better fifteen years ago? I'm open to
 suggestions... :-)>>

  Would you mind listing what has been done in the real robot genre? I
haven't seen much real robot shows yet. I want to give suggestions, but need
to know what's been done before I do. I have only seen all of Escaflowne,
some of Gao Gai Gar, 0080, 0083, Wing and Endless Waltz, American Voltron and
Robotech, that's about it.
<< P.S. I'd cite Brain Powered as the one truly original take on the real
 robot concept of the last few years... not just doing the "organic mecha"
 thing, but making them actual characters, whose own intergenerational
 conflict parallels that of the human cast. >>

  The mecha in BP are actual characters? I like this idea and hope more use


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