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Nicholas Paufler writes,

> I'll pipe up here. I think Brain Powered has gotten a bit of a bad rap.
> For whatever reason I keep hearing it compared to Evangelion (Note: I did
> _not_ like Eva, even a little bit) and I've never been able to figure out
> why.

  I think that's something of a misundestanding. Tomino pretty much invited
the Eva comparison himself, and to a large extent it _is_ a response to
Evangelion... but it's responding to the _real_ theme of Eva, namely the
"pity me, I'm so screwed up, I'll never get better" nihlism, rather than to
the plot's window-dressing.

  I don't mean to come off as excessively harsh towards Evangelion. I
enjoyed the series - and the movie - a lot, and it was interesting to see
the grueling exploration of damaged personalities gradually emerge as the
main point of the story. But I also thought that Brain Powered was an
elegant rebuttal to the notion that, once wounded, you can never forgive or
heal. Great show.

Leslie Rashana writes,

>> would be a super-camp take on the real robot genre, but who'd want to see
>> that?
>> -- Mark
> i would and have
> Martian Successor: Nadesico

  Hm. I was tempted to cite Nadesico as an example, but I haven't seen
enough of the series to know how much of the Gekigangar silliness filters
back into the real world...

Blackeagle writes,

> Let's see. How about a gritty, realistic, near future (say, early 21st
> century) military based show. Something like the first five minutes of the
> Patlabor 2 movie.

  But that's my point... the Patlabor movies captured that feel so well,
that it would be redundant to mimic it for an entire series unless you
actually had something new to add. Ryosuke Takahashi, who arguably invented
the gritty militaristic variant of the real robot genre with Votoms and
Dougram, didn't find the Patlabor-movie motif enough to prop up an entire
show without throwing in lots of traditional Japanese folklore, demons, et
cetera (as in Gasaraki).

-- Mark

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