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>* Second, the real robot genre is played out. After Votoms, Patlabor, et
>what's left to do with the concept? Anything you do is just going to look
>like a ripoff of an earlier show. The Gundam saga, on the other hand, seems
>to have more a multifaceted and enduring appeal, with more juice left to
>squeeze. Maybe it's more honest to do these homages under the Gundam name,
>acknowleding the source and then being spurred to do push the envelope a
>rather than doing a Brand X knockoff like Dragonar or Ehrgeiz.
> Seriously, what could possibly be done with the real robot genre that
>hasn't already been done better fifteen years ago? I'm open to
>suggestions... :-)

Let's see. How about a gritty, realistic, near future (say, early 21st
century) military based show. Something like the first five minutes of the
Patlabor 2 movie.

>-- Mark
> P.S. I'd cite Brain Powered as the one truly original take on the real
>robot concept of the last few years... not just doing the "organic mecha"
>thing, but making them actual characters, whose own intergenerational
>conflict parallels that of the human cast.

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