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I'll pipe up here. I think Brain Powered has gotten a bit of a bad rap.
For whatever reason I keep hearing it compared to Evangelion (Note: I did
_not_ like Eva, even a little bit) and I've never been able to figure out
It's got nice art, great music (Yoko Kanno - Flow is one of my favorite
anime songs ever), and after the handful of episodes I've seen, I'm left
really looking forward to more. It's definately odd, which will put off
some people, but some of us like that sorta thing =)

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> > P.S. I'd cite Brain Powered as the one truly original take on the real > > robot concept of the last few years... not just doing the "organic mecha" > > thing, but making them actual characters, whose own intergenerational > > conflict parallels that of the human cast. > > > you recommend Brain Powerd as a must see? > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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