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Dear List:

> >Chris Beilby wrote:
> >
> > > How would Leiji Matsumoto do a Gundam story?

The hero would probably be an ugly child (a la kid in Galaxy Express 999 or
Queen Millenia). Main characters are going to be predominantly Japanese, and
much of the story spent on espousing "Great Japan" philosophy and how to be a
REAL MAN japanese style. Alternative would be having a story about a group of
renegades who hijacked a kickass spaceship with "most advanced/high tech" mobile
suits on board and go on a run (and kick ass) against whole battalions of
enemies scum. (yawn!) As you can tell by now, I am not much of a fan of Mr.
Leiji Matsumoto.

> You know who needs Leiji Matsumoto the most? STAR TREK! He'd inject
> so much life into that stale franchise.

The Star Trek franchise just needs to be ended, period. They've been beating
the dead horse ever since the end of the excellent TNG and the rapid downturn
of DS9 shortly afterwards.

> -James

One thing I don't understand about American culture is the need to extend a
series (and make a sequel out of everything) indefinitely until it turns stale
and spoil the memories. I prefer the Japanese way in which when a story ends,
that's it. No sequels, nada. Witness Dr. Slump, a hilarious manga that ended
with just 18 volumes. Even for stuff that dragged along forever like Drag-On
Ball has a definitive ending. Of course, the same can not be said for the Jojo
Bizarre adventures and the Police Station series, but those manga SUCK anyway.
Most Japanese authors realizes it when their series turn stale and have the good
sense of ending it before it becomes much worse (e.g. Ranma 1/2, Fists of North
Star, Fushigi Yuuji, City Hunter, etc.), not so for American ones (e.g. X-Men,
Superman, batman, Star Drek). At least for Gundam they start with fresh sets
of characters.

I agree with those other guys that prefer expanding the series sideways instead
of making sequels and prequels ad nauseam. I am sick of the UC and AC extension
of the Gundam universe. Side stories like 0083, 0080, 08 MS team is the way to


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