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Thu, 15 Jun 2000 01:13:57 -0700

KurenaiJiku wrote:

> I don't suggest Truespace (no offense to you Brett) 'cause of the render
> filters that come with it...or rather the lack of rendering filters...

Are you thinking of TruSpace 2 or Truspace 4? Are you talking about the lack of
photoshop plugins for version 4? Alot of the custom shaders can do the same
things. plus someone could easily expand the rendering options by writing a TSX.

> actual production part is pretty good, but UGH...forget the rest...If you
> want an ok modeller, a pretty good animation package, and a good renderer,
> (with awesome base textures to boot, but probably wouldn't do much good for
> mechs...) then Lightwave would be your choice. It rates for around 1200 CAD.

I like lightwave too, but it's so damn expensive.

I think TS 4 has a world class rendering engine including radiosity, Good bones,
and a great modeller. there are lots of cheap plugins available for TS. for under
$600 it's one hell of a package IMO.

if you just wanted an easy to use modeller with limited animation ability and a
slow as hell render engine you can buy Truspace 2 for $50! I think if someone
just wanted a toy to make Gundams for still images, that this would be a good

---Brett Jensen

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