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Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> How old of a Wing fan could anybody be? Just asking.

I've been into GW for 5 years, since it was on japanese TV. I just wanted to be clear
that I wasn't introduced to Wing by cartoon network

> > I guess my point is people wouldn't criticize these shows if they didn't have the
> > gundam name.

> You've got to be kidding. It doesn't matter what you call Gundam Wing, the way the
> dialogue is delivered and written is nothing like Gundam 0080 or Gundam 0083.

Is that the definition of a gundam show? I think not.

A lot of people don't like 0083 because it's shallow compared to the previous Gundam
incarnations. MSG and Zeta are alot more talky and philisophical than either of those
OAVs. (OK mabey not 0080 which is the best Tomino anime that Tomino never made.) do you
hate them too?

But if you don't like wing that's totally cool. Some people do, some don't that's life. I
don't really care that much for evangelion, and I absolutely hate the movies. I always
catch crap for that.

My main problem is people who bash wing without giving it a chance.

---Brett Jensen

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