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<< That's not such a bad idea. I would love to see a new mecha series that
 the concept of a LONG run built into it. And I would love for new designs to
 take off from it, and all that.

  I agree here.
 Admittedly, gundam should just expand sidewards, with side stories. >>

More side stories would be nice. I don't want Gundam to die, though. Maybe
not release a new Gundam show as often as they have been, just every few
years or so.

  I've only heard about them, but stuff like Gaia Gear, Sentinel, Crossbone
Gundam, etc. They deserve to be animated. Especially Gaia Gear, as its got
awesome mecha designs, that would catch peoples attention as toys and kits.

  I would like to see more non Gundam mecha shows. A Virtual On anime would
be cool. A non SD Super Robot Wars anime series would be neat. I would like
to see a new Dunbine show as well. Hopefully with the Dunbine MSiA and new HG
Dunbine kits most likely being at lots of import stores soon, it will
generate enough interest to get a US anime company to bring Dunbine out in


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