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My Z box sets cost me about $500 a piece, and took me years to find.
I don't really see what is bad about stumbling across one for $600,
assuming that it was $600 a box. If it was $600 for both boxes, then
just let me know where the store is, as I could always find one of my
friends to give it to.

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Subject: [gundam] Import Store Thugging

> Listen, old chums. Here is a tale of absolute thievery.
> I went with a old lad of mine from the Army to a import store.
> He was supposed to to pick up some LDs that were on hold for him.
> As we walked around the store, his eyes lit up as he spied a Zeta
> Gundam Complete Box set LDs in a corner. Walking over to the store
> owner, he asked what was the price for the set. Guess what he was
> told? $600!!! Yeah...you heard right....$600!!!! That was not all.
> this store also had some Wing for $350, Genesis Climber MOSEPEDA
> VCDs for $475, and thay had the Double Zeta Complete Box for
> $400!!!!!
> I just wanted to tell you all that SOME people out there do not
> care if they rip off others. Needless to say, my friend and I just
> about-faced and left with the quickness.
> Here is a question....how badly have YOU ever been treated when you
> wanted something so badly? What is the ABSOLUTE worst prices for
ANY Gundam material you have ever seen?

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