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Brett Jensen wrote:

> Yes, Mark, but as an old Wing fan. I gotta say, I'm getting pretty sick of hearing

How old of a Wing fan could anybody be? Just asking.

> I guess my point is people wouldn't criticize these shows if they didn't have the
> gundam name.

You've got to be kidding. It doesn't matter what you call Gundam Wing, the way the
dialogue is delivered and written is nothing like Gundam 0080 or Gundam 0083. One I
hate (speaking only of the bad lines, nothing else), the other two I love. If you
called Gundam 0080 something else I'd still like it better than Wing, with or without
the Gundam name attached to it. To put it another way, I sort of like Highlander 2,
the movie. It is nowhere near as good as the original. Calling it something else
wouldn't erase the rip-off of the original plot or the lame acting from half the
cast, it just wouldn't. The only saving grace it gives me is being able to add to
the universe that Highlander created.


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