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M. R. Hannibal writes,

> I went with a old lad of mine from the Army to a import store. He was
> supposed to to pick up some LDs that were on hold for him. As we walked
> around the store, his eyes lit up as he spied a Zeta Gundam Complete Box set
> LDs in a corner. Walking over to the store owner, he asked what was the
> price for the set. Guess what he was told? $600!!! heard
> right....$600!!!! That was not all. this store also had some Wing for $350,
> Genesis Climber MOSEPEDA VCDs for $475, and thay had the Double Zeta
> Complete Box for $400!!!!!

  So what? The Z and ZZ LD boxes are priced at about 40,000 yen each, with
each series being divided into two boxes. If the prices you quote are for
one half-series box, then the dealer is charging more or less the going
exchange rate for the ZZ box, and a 50% markup for the Z Gundam one (about
what I pay for model kits at local stores). If the prices you quote are for
the full series - two boxes - then hell, give me the phone number of the
store and I'll snap them up immediately.

-- Mark

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