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Thu, 15 Jun 2000 10:45:11 -0700

I don't suggest Truespace (no offense to you Brett) 'cause of the render
filters that come with it...or rather the lack of rendering filters...The
actual production part is pretty good, but UGH...forget the rest...If you
want an ok modeller, a pretty good animation package, and a good renderer,
(with awesome base textures to boot, but probably wouldn't do much good for
mechs...) then Lightwave would be your choice. It rates for around 1200 CAD.

>"Enriquez, Eric" wrote:
>> Peter,
>> What software package did you use for the Gelgoog?
>Hey guys, this is pretty off topic, but. if you are thinking of getting
into 3D,
>I would reccomend TruSpace. I've used it for years, It's very easy to use,
>powerful, and best of all very cheap. (Now grumble grumble...)
>Unless you wanna do game stuff in which case you should probably save up
for 3DS
>---Brett Jensen
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