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Wed, 14 Jun 2000 21:38:20 -0700

Chris Beilby wrote:

> >Was that Eagle riders a live action show like Power Rangers?
> >I guess I have some surfing to do.
> Nope. It was a dub of the first Gatchiman sequel series, Gatchiman 2.
> Sadly, it seems that Saban got the rights to a couple of the old Tatsunoko
> classics (Remember Technoman? *shudder!*)

I can't think of any show that's been more abused than Gatchaman. I havn't
seen Eagle riders though.

Gatchaman 2 wasn't as good as Gatchaman to begin with so it was probably
pretty bad. ^_^ It couldn't be as bad as Battle of the Planets though....
could it?

Brett "Die 7 zark 7, Die!" Jensen

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