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>>There's a guy on eBay with 86 (that's eighty-six) auctions running for EW
>>models (do a title search for "Gundam-W Endless Waltz"). If that wasn't odd
>>enough, they're all described as 1/144, and the beginning bid is reasonable
>>for a 1/144 (12.50-12.99), all the boxes pictured are for 1/100 kits. I've
>>bid on several of these, but after seeing 86 listings for models that are
>>nearly impossible to get a hold of, I'm really spooked. Any comments?
>When you e-mail, do ask if those are Bandai originals or BenDi bootlegs.
>eBay doesn't do anything about counterfeits unless the rights holder
>sics lawyers on them, which means those who sell bootlegged anime
>merchandise can get away with just about anything on eBay. There's
>this seller from Seattle who's been putting Chinese-made boots of
>Nadesico kits on eBay and selling them as Gundam kits, ripping off newbies
>like crazy... yet eBay refuses to shut him down.

Comparing these "1/144" boxes with the 1/100 boxes on HLJ, it becomes
apparent that these are probably Korean, since large English type on the
front is replaced by pictographic symbols with a "square" motif I see in a
lot in Korean writing (Phoenix isn't all Hispanic and Anglo).


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