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>>Actually, that idea reached a high point with Tochiro's death in Harlock,
>>he becomes the soul of Arcadia. That was one spectacular idea.
>Richie, you just gave me the idea for one scary thread...
>How would Leiji Matsumoto do a Gundam story?

Surprisingly, he would also focus I think on the conept of what being human
really means., much like TOmino, and he would also look at famly ties.
BUT, the difference would be the scope of byzantine machinations,
but a grand scope of a quest, where people travel from one place to the
other, much like a unit being assigned to various places over the course of
the war...and then learning alittle more about what being human is in every
place. It would also have really archetypical characters, focusing not so
much on young people who have to learn what family means, but on older
people, aces and such who have to relearn the whole concept of being human.
 He would also be very much involved in what makes one side good or
evil...very gundam too! BUT THE TREATMENT! I think it would be more
operatic, more dramatic in his case, with a lot of side characters dying or
meeting strange but interesting ends...and there would be a great focus on
non-mecha events, with the mecha providing the action only at important
battles. I would suspect more flamboyant costumes, specially among the
aces, like scarves or goggles or...masks?

But it's that naval legend thing, that odyssean quest that would be most
powerful an image for a Matsumoto gundam...the mecha would be also highly
stylized, perhaps reflecting the character that pilots it on a macro scale.

Darker colors. mysterious women. Missing brothers, loyal friends.
incrdible self sacrifice, pyrrhic victories, unappreciated god!
 it would be AWESOME.

Gundam would become not only archetypal, but qalmost mythical. Wouldn't be
surprised if there is a legendary lost gundam that is always mentioned in
the series, piloted by a mysterious man who knbows one of the heroes...his
brother? his father? there would also be flashbacks into a glorious past,
perhaps seeing into the bloodlines of the heroes, and how the ancestors
lives resonate inthe characters life. They would have an insurmountable
obstacle, my gad! It's beautiful! and the visuals!

imagine bright noah standing at the very edge of the bridge looking out
onto space, and wondering why such a peaceful scene is the backdrop for
war. or perhaps seeing Char in all his battle regalia putting flowers on
Lalah Sun's grave...or Amuro just hatedly looking at his father or mother,
then calmly walking away...yes, out of charcter, but incrdibvle dramatic
moments. that's what Matsumoto was known for.

On the other hand, heroes and heroines and love interests will have
indredibly long death speeches, where they expound their personal
philosophies...that's a long dying breath. or you'll have a gundam helming
a ship (CROSSBONE!).

jeez. it's incredible...and could end up incredibly cheesy.


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