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Thu, 15 Jun 2000 14:48:52 GMT

> Now, this is what I would like to see. An ace pilot gets killed in
>and his brain is saved, but the only way to bring him back, is to transfer
>his brain to a prototype Gundam. He could also be the most powerfull
>there is. Some scientist could do this without the millitary's knowledge. A
>human dealing with not just a machines body, but a giant robot that happens
>to be a Gundam. The story could do with him and his MS squad mates coping
>with his death and new life as a Gundam. Of course, I think the pain
>receivers should be left out, as pain is cruel if its just to save money.
>plus of having a robot body is enhanced strength, senses and no more
>about unbearable pain from battle wounds.

I have (alas, back in California) a Gundam Manga with this done as a short
story (I believe that it's one of the Cyber Comix anthologies.) Garma
Zabi's brain is saved, and transferred into (I can't believe that they chose
this one) the Zock! While I can't read Japanese, it looks very much like he
knows what Char did to him, which makes for interesting times when Char
takes the Zock along to attack Jabarow...
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