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Brett Jensen wrote:

> > Also keep in mind that the M1 is only really armored against tank caliber
> > firepower in one direction.
> But, If you wanted to make...let's say 5 super tanks for special missions, You
> could make the armor thicker all around.
> the point is, It is scientifically feasable (at least in SF terms) to make an
> armor which standard munitions can't penetrate. It's certainly no more far
> fetched than the concept of a MS it's self.

True, but that comes at the cost of other capabilities. Unless you're going to use
an active protection system (such as the Russian arena system (which isnt good if
you're moving with infantry) or I suppose an I-Field), greater armor protection
means greater weight. That weight means the vehicle is less deployable, as it
requires aircraft, bridges, etc with more carrying capacity, as well as less
mobile, requiring a bigger engine (which also adds to weight itself) to propell
itself. With equal protection all around you're talking about a very heavy, very
slow tank.

Very reminiscent of the T28/T95 of the late 1940s, originally designed to destroy
the Siegfried line in Germany. Had four sets of tracks to propell it, and moved at
like less than 10 mph:

    Neil Baumgardner

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