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That would make an interesting MSIA-"Laundry use Turn A Gundam"
I suppose MS can also be used as labour machines when they no longer have
any use. If anybody's seen Macross 7, the old Destroids from Space War One
are used as heavy labour machines in a couple of scenes, simply because
they're of no use anymore. Also, we have the Zaku I, which is also used
mostly for labor since it's been outdated.
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> >One of the major point of Gundam is this: Man is his own worst enemy.
> >the time when Gundam came out, not only was the Japanese airwave full of
> >Super Robot show that barely have any real science in it, but Earth were
> >basically being hit by aliens left and right.
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> >Gundam establish a couple things right away: Robot is just another piece
> >military equipment. No aliens, no easy scapegoat.
> Tomino takes this further in Turn-A. The Robot(Gundam) is not a piece
> of military equipment--it's only a tool. That's what Loran says to
> Soshie when she complains about him using the Turn-A to do the
> laundry. I don't really think this point has ever been raised in
> Gundam before, has it? Gundams have always been war machines. It
> certainly puts a spin on wing gundam where when peace is achieved all
> MS must be destroyed.
> let's see, peaceful applications of the Turn-A (as I can remember up
> to ep.24)...
> transports livestock (in missile tubes)
> uses it's back as a bridge for trucks to drive over
> washes the laundry (in a river by spinning it's hand 360 degrees)
> dries the laundry (holding the clothesline up between it's fingers
> and blowing air
> from it's facemask on them)
> Digger
> jumpstarter for starship engines
> ...
> Could this be the new direction people want Gundam to take?
> -James Boren
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