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>That is exactly the point - why make shows that don't have certain
>Gundam cornerstones and call it Gundam? That's what sequels are all
>about - certain rules and premises are kept intact no matter what kind
>of direction is taken. Imagine George Lucas made a Star Wars movie
>without light saber, without The Force, without romance, or without
>bad guys. Would it still be a Star Wars movie even if he decided to
>call it one?

Hmmmm... I agree that a gundam show should have at least the mecha which have
certain gundam characteristics, like the headspikes. It should also have at
least a newtype flavor, and have all that byzantine political machinations.
 It should also have the jupiter fleet, the colonies, blah blah and blah.


the problem here is that gundam is not just a thematic's also a brand, whatever bandai decides to call gundam, whether we like it or not,
gets to be gundam.

In the case of george lucas, if he makes a really non-star wars thuing and still
calls it in as part of the star wars becomes star wars.
 Cuz he owns the name.

It's a sucky thing to think about, but technically it IS possible.

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