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In case anyone's wondering...

Turn-A Gundam 2nd half OP

"Century Color" by Ray-Guns
c/w "Again..."

Tracks 3 & 4 are the obligatory karaoke versions of the 2 tracks above.
No OP version was included. The original version is a rock song that
has a much faster beat and a more energetic/aggressive feel than the first
OP, "Turn A Turn". The song kind of meanders around so it will be
interesting to hear what the edited anime OP version is like. The outro
chorus has the bank singing "NA NA NA... century color, NA NA NA... million
color" in an obnoxious accent ad nauseum. Bet that part was kept in the
OP edit.

Oh yeah, the cover art is the first Syd Mead illustration released by
Sunrise, the one that started all the controversy.

Turn-A Gundam 2nd half ED

"Moon's Coccon"
c/w "Flaming Rain"

Again, tracks 3 & 4 are the obligatory karaoke versions of the 2 tracks
above. "Moon's Coccon" is basically "Moon" (track 9 from the first Turn-A
OST CD) with vocals. Draw your own conclusions as to whether Kanno has
gotten lazy or just ran out of fresh ideas.

No photos of the recording artist was included on the package art. How


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