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Thu, 15 Jun 2000 01:45:22 -0700

>There's a guy on eBay with 86 (that's eighty-six) auctions running for EW
>models (do a title search for "Gundam-W Endless Waltz"). If that wasn't odd
>enough, they're all described as 1/144, and the beginning bid is reasonable
>for a 1/144 (12.50-12.99), all the boxes pictured are for 1/100 kits. I've
>bid on several of these, but after seeing 86 listings for models that are
>nearly impossible to get a hold of, I'm really spooked. Any comments?

Check his feedback profile. If it's a new guy or has one too many
negative feedbacks, avoid like the plague. Also e-mail him, those
that don't respond is not worth your time and money.

When you e-mail, do ask if those are Bandai originals or BenDi bootlegs.
eBay doesn't do anything about counterfeits unless the rights holder
sics lawyers on them, which means those who sell bootlegged anime
merchandise can get away with just about anything on eBay. There's
this seller from Seattle who's been putting Chinese-made boots of
Nadesico kits on eBay and selling them as Gundam kits, ripping off newbies
like crazy... yet eBay refuses to shut him down.


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