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At 11:20 06/14/2000 -0700, Brett Jensen wrote:
>> Could this be the new direction people want Gundam to take?
>Could be. It's certainly novel.

        And Gundams will one day be as common as cars... =)

>I know people are gonna take this the wrong way but... Frankly, I want Gundam
>to die. By this I mean no more alternate universes and no more extensions of
>the UC timeline.

        I do have the same feeling, because IMO Gundam has been dragging out
for a number of years without something significant happening. There hadn't
been any major Gundam "successes" -- and I use the word with caution here --
since IMO 0083. With Turn A, Tomino basically capped the series, IMO.

        I am under the impression that Tomino will contiune making Gundam
series until he is unable to carry on. We may see one or two Tomino works --
and these will probably be set after Turn A; I don't think he likes to go
back along the UC timeline to fix bugs. Basically, what I'm saying is that
Gundam will die when Tomino dies.

        As for side stories, I'll like to see some filling in the gap
between CCA anf F91. There's a 30 year gap there waiting to be filled..

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