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At 12:07 06/14/2000 -0700, Brett Jensen wrote:
>It was my commentary actually.

        Blackeagle kindly posted the stuff on the Soviet tanks used by the
Iraqis, so I won't go into that here -- it's OT, anyway. Thanks, Blackeagle.

>If I had to choose between UC and AC, I'd choose UC, but That doesn't mean GW
>doesn't have it's merits.

        Note that I didn't say Wing doesn't have its merits -- I just
dislike the term Gundam being associated with the show, is all.

        NOTE: I don't mean to say I hate Wing -- I just ignore it. It's an
okay show IMO, but I just can't take the association of UC Gundam with Wing
Gundam -- they are just too different for me.

        I talked with a friend of mine, who also had the same problem as me
regarding Wing. The main thing here is that both of us has certain
preconceptions about Gundam that clash badly with with Wing tries to show,
so we do have a serious problem with it. When we can put aside these
preconceptions, we both agree that the politcal aspects of Wing is very

        I'll put my foot into my own mouth by saying that Wing is probably
an interesting anime -- so long it isn't associated with UC Gundam the way
it is now. Chalk it up to continuity problem if you will, but I can't find a
way to fit Wing (or G for that matter) into *my* Gundam world..

>Bottom line, Isn't there room for both?

        Sure there is. Just because *I* don't like certain aspects of Wing
doesn't mean others cannot appreciate the show. No matter how I may protest
the issue, Wing and UC Gundam will always fall under the Gundam umbrella, so
whether there's room for both in a fan's heart is again, up to the individual.

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