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Mark Simmons wrote:

> Well, they've had a good run - fifteen years of almost non-stop
> sequels, a longer and more consistently high-quality run than the
> rejuvenated Star Trek franchise. I'm not sure where the saga goes from
> Turn A, but I wouldn't rule out somebody doing something else cool with
> the Gundam legacy. With a couple of exceptions (insert your own least
> faves here ;-), almost every Gundam spinoff has had something interesting
> and creative to say.

Yes, Mark, but as an old Wing fan. I gotta say, I'm getting pretty sick of hearing
crap from all the UC elitists. Don't get me wrong, I am primarily an oldschool
Gundam fan, but I really like Wing too. I also definately enjoyed G, and X wasn't
too bad.

I guess my point is people wouldn't criticize these shows if they didn't have the
gundam name.

> Sure, they're doing that too. Gaogaigar was a superb new take on the
> super robot genre, which inspired video series like Z-Mind and Daigard.

The one episode of Daigard I saw in japan was interesting, I'd like to see more.

> And Gasaraki, from the creator of Votoms and Dougram, provided a fix for
> Patlabor II fans.

Has anybody here seen "Blue Gender"? Thats another takahashi mecha show that I'd
like to see.

> sci-fi... everything from Celestial Crest to Ryvius, Angel Links to
> Cowboy Bebop and beyond.

IMO Bebop is the best anime in years. it really hearkens back to the Haruka
Takachiho derived shows like Crusher Joe and Dirty Pair.

I also really liked Angel Links.

> So yeah, there's actually _tons_ of original stuff coming out of
> Sunrise, albeit little of it robot-related. Gundam has pretty much
> outlived the entire "real robot" genre it originally spawned, and as long
> as the spinoffs remain higher-quality than Star Trek Voyager or The
> Phantom Menace, I can't say I object to them occasionally returning to
> the well.

I dunno. I think they can reinvent the wheel a few more times... I just don't
think the name gundam needs to go with the territory.

---Brett Jensen

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