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>>Rather than altering gundam beyond recognition, why not have Sunrise create
>>and original shows around the Giant robot concept. Or perhaps ressurect
>>like Dougram for a new generation.
>>What do you guys think?
>>---Brett "who shouldn't post under the influence of scotch" Jensen
>That's not such a bad idea. I would love to see a new mecha series that has
>the concept of a LONG run built into it. And I would love for new designs to
>take off from it, and all that.
>Admittedly, gundam should just expand sidewards, with side stories.
>I am NOT a starving writer.
>Richard Ramos

I think one problem many of us have is that the non/semi-UC Gundam shows
are designed to draw in new fans. Things many of us want to see, Jion
side-stories, non-Tomino plots, etcetera, come from having a long
background in Gundam. My first exposure to Gundam? An ad in the back of a
1981 Starlog (Starbase Alpha or some such) displaying line-art for the
RX-78(my heart still flutters with the memory, along with a later ad
featuring the Z'gok). I've actually been whatching it (off and on) for
about 16 years now, and I for one am not looking for new directions in
Gundam, but for things that have been left out, for the most part, to focus
more clearly on Tomino's humanocentric plots. While I certainly want to see
more Gundam, I really don't think it's necessary to expand the franchise
further with more Alternate settings or extending the UC calender(sp).
Background and Side-Story OVAs would be great, but going beyond Turn-A
would ((really)) be beatin a dead horse.


PS:A Mushakage OVA wouldn't be bad though, and I'd probably kill for
Zaku-Bushi model^,^.

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