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Blackeagle wrote:

> I didn't dismiss wing because of the armor issue, I was just responding to
> someone's commentary on the Gulf War. I have much deeper problems with
> wing.

It was my commentary actually.

Sigh, I guess I may have to quit defending wing. I lack the energy to do so....

As a Hardcore UC fan AND Wing Nut I find the sudden disdain shown towards wing
disturbing. I too think Neo Wing fans can be irritating but weren't we all at

If I had to choose between UC and AC, I'd choose UC, but That doesn't mean GW
doesn't have it's merits.

My first gundam was 0080, I saw it on the big screen from a 16 mm film print at
AnimeCon 91. So UC will always be my first love, but GW was the first series I
saw as it came out in japan, so it's special to me. It was also the first Gundam
series that I bought on LD.

Bottom line, Isn't there room for both? there simply aren't that many Quality
mecha shows produced any more. I'm pleased to see gundam make it's first inroads
into american mainstream culture. Lets hope this leads to MSG, 0083, Zeta, (ZZ I
guess),CCA, and victory gundam coming to public attention.

What do you guys think? (honestly)

---Brett "who really shouldn't post under the influence of scotch"Jensen

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