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Blackeagle wrote:
> >Gundam establish a couple things right away: Robot is just another piece of
> >military equipment. No aliens, no easy scapegoat.
> That said, it is possible to involve aliens while remaining true to the
> spirit of the Gundam universe. One way might be to have humankind discover
> evidence of an alien presence in the solar system a long time ago (sort of
> like James P. Hogan's "Inherit the Stars"). As long as the series focused
> on humanity's reaction to this discovery (just think what it could do to the
> Earthanoid/Spacenoid dynamics!) rather than on the aliens, it could work.
or how about.. as an interesting twist.. humans discover aliens and..
being what we are wehn confronting something different. WE attack THEM..
(humans Vs. Aliens.. with the Humans as the protaganist And as the
appparent bad-guy.. interesting)

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