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>> yeah, imagine will smithh going "who's the man!?" whenever he kills a zaku,

>> LOL!
>Some of you guys seem to think that the actors write the dialogue for the
>movies they're in. Will Smith is usually cast to be Will Smith ala
>ID4/MIB/Wild Wild West. He got nothing but rave reviews for his acting in

>"Six Degrees of Separation" or whatever that movie was. He can act, he's just

>usually asked to be the loud hip lead. I think he'd be great in a live action

>Gundam movie. Most of the key characters in Gundam, in all anime, really,
>or act young.

yes, but then that is what the possible scriptwriters might write for him, if
he's really known for that role. I really do wish that he won't be given that
sort of role.

I am NOT a starving writer.

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