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Wed, 14 Jun 2000 11:20:33 -0700

James Boren wrote:

> Could this be the new direction people want Gundam to take?
> -James Boren

Could be. It's certainly novel.

I know people are gonna take this the wrong way but... Frankly, I want Gundam to
die. By this I mean no more alternate universes and no more extensions of the UC

Sidestorys and prequels could still be produced as long as they didn't
significantly screw with continuity. (08th MS team anyone?) but in general I'd
like to see Gundam put to rest.

Rather than altering gundam beyond recognition, why not have Sunrise create new
and original shows around the Giant robot concept. Or perhaps ressurect shows
like Dougram for a new generation.

What do you guys think?

---Brett "who shouldn't post under the influence of scotch" Jensen

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