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> Gundam Episode Guide Vol. 1
> The first part of the one year war. 158pages.
> cdn= $30.00
> us= $21.43
> Anyone know what this is? English? Japanese? Art
> book? Source book? Worth the money, etc .. as
> your opinions are valued =)

Have a look a the following review:

> On a second note, anybody have any of the Banpresto
> Gundam DX figures?

I assume you are referring to the Banpresto's DX "SD
Gundam Full Weapon set" of Gundam, Zaku II, and G3

Unlike other SD 'DX' figures which are made of hard
plastic, These trio are make of soft-vinyl. The upside
is each set comes with lots of asscessories such as
weapons and parts for transformation (e.g. Zaku II ->
Zaku Tank/Zaku Commander Type/Zaku High Mobility
Type), the downside is the soft vinyl can wear out
easily if you twist the body parts frequently, but
overall, at 2,000yen (or approx. US$18.80) these are
pretty neat, just don't twist them around all day. :)

> Same for the "transforming" amuro rei into nu
> gundam.

Supposed to be recieved this weekend, but I
> can only find artwork, no actual pictures.

Banpresto have released 'tranformable' SD character/MS
figures before back in 1990's, including
nu-Gundam/Amuro, Char's Zaku/Char. etc.. These look
like an improved re-issues, with only nu-Gundam
representing the Gundam series so far.


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