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Richie Ramos wrote:

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> >I think John Travolta's Battlefield Earth is not an example of what we
> want to see on the screen. Will Smith does not come to mind when I think of
> "live action Gundam"
> yeah, imagine will smithh going "who's the man!?" whenever he kills a zaku,
> LOL!

Some of you guys seem to think that the actors write the dialogue for the
movies they're in. Will Smith is usually cast to be Will Smith ala
ID4/MIB/Wild Wild West. He got nothing but rave reviews for his acting in
"Six Degrees of Separation" or whatever that movie was. He can act, he's just
usually asked to be the loud hip lead. I think he'd be great in a live action
Gundam movie. Most of the key characters in Gundam, in all anime, really, are
or act young.


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