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Wed, 14 Jun 2000 22:16:10 -0700 (PDT)

> > > in 0083, the MSes do take damage when hit by
> grunt suits, something
> > > that I see Wing Gundams simply disregard. I
> mean, Gundarium might be
> >good,
> > > but come on! =)
> >
> >The armor really isn't that far out. in the gulf
> war perfectly good soviet
> >made
> >tanks had a very hard time doing any damage to the
> M1-A1s armor. why do you
> >have
> >such a hard time believing that such a super armor
> could be built hundreds
> >of
> >years in the future? It is also very rare and cost
> prohibitive which is why
> >only
> >a few MSs have it.
> Well, part of the M1's Gulf War performance was due
> to it's excellent armor.
> The other part was because the nice Soviet made
> tanks were firing Iraqi
> made ammunition, which wasn't up to Russian
> standards. Had the M1 been
> going up against Soviet 125mm ammunition, the
> results could have been
> somewhat different.
> Also keep in mind that the M1 is only really armored
> against tank caliber
> firepower in one direction.
> > > Of the Gundam UC stories I've seen, both
> 0080 and CCA treats
> >MSes
> > > like military equipment, throwing them away when
> it broke down. 0083 has
> >a
> > > similar theme, but it has a superweapon feel to
> it too. Wing simply toss
> >the
> > > idea out the window, and goes back to the
> super-robot days, something
> >which
> > > is entertaining in its own right.
> >
> >The original RX-78 was a super weapon that was
> eventually destroyed by
> >another
> >super weapon.
> >

we're talking about wing here. no offense to wing fans
but the entire series isn't supposed to have even half
the sense in G-gundam (again, no offense to fans, I
myself love the God-finger-sword). Anyway, those
Gundam units were supposed to be something like
Mazinger Z when he first came out, I mean, near-
invulnerable. The series wasn't aimed at hard-core
newtypes, er, fans, but rather at kids who were not
yet exposed to gundam. So the was a superhero kind of
approach to Heero and company. I'm sure most of you
have noticed the way GW "spoofs" the original gundam
series. Still Shin Kidou Senki Gundam Wing and Kidou
Bouten G Gundam are pretty good series in the own
right. Just don't mind the physics and all. ^_^

Newtypes forever.
-Soimichiro Watanabe

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