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<< One of the major point of Gundam is this: Man is his own worst enemy. At
 the time when Gundam came out, not only was the Japanese airwave full of
 Super Robot show that barely have any real science in it, but Earth were
 basically being hit by aliens left and right.
 Gundam establish a couple things right away: Robot is just another piece of
 military equipment. No aliens, no easy scapegoat. >>

  I don't know if anyone's read a sci-fi millitary book called "Legion of the
Damned", but aliens think just like humans and can speak with humans, so yes
Gundam can be done with aliens. It can be done, but will take lots a planning
to keep it original and avoid over used alien cliches.

  This book has cyborgs as well, but not how most people think of them. See
crimials that get a death sentence can elect to be reviewed for enlistment as
a cyborg. Civilans can be brought back this way as well.

  Here's the twist, cyborgs are humanoid, as in giant walking robots, that as
far as I know do not resemble human's except in their shape. Also, to keep
the cyborgs in check, the 'borgs can feel pain. See, the person's brain can
be saved, so they connect pain receivers up to the brian. So, these 'borgs
are the ulimate blend of human and machine. The brain is held in a "brain
case" made of metal, that can be removed if the 'borg body is destroyed. The
case has its own life suppoert in case its body is damaged to the extent it
cannot be repaired. There's also a four legged 'borg that carries "human"
troops in its belly and the 'borg is required to protect them with its life,
until they are deployed. This 'borg is armed and armored to the teeth. The
'borgs can talk and have computer ehhanced senses. The more sinister reason
for pain is to, guess what, save costs! As a 'borg body is very costly.

  Now, this is what I would like to see. An ace pilot gets killed in action
and his brain is saved, but the only way to bring him back, is to transfer
his brain to a prototype Gundam. He could also be the most powerfull NewType
there is. Some scientist could do this without the millitary's knowledge. A
human dealing with not just a machines body, but a giant robot that happens
to be a Gundam. The story could do with him and his MS squad mates coping
with his death and new life as a Gundam. Of course, I think the pain
receivers should be left out, as pain is cruel if its just to save money. The
plus of having a robot body is enhanced strength, senses and no more worrying
about unbearable pain from battle wounds.

Yes I think this is horrible, but would make for a great Gundam series or OVA.


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