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>H-Arms has a lot of changes! see:
>standard -you already know
>space mode (anime) - the gun cannon is double
>space mode (manga) - double gun cannon on left hand,
>portable missile pod on right, two laser cannons on
>the back, space booster, etc.
>custom - tons of guns!!!

is there any pic on the net of the manga version? seeing as I'm currently modifying
my heavyarms 1/100...

>I'm looking for parts to use to create Pisces, Cancer,
>Tragos, and the Mechs used by Quatre's men.

actually, I thought about this one a lot: it's possible that there were a lot
of customized leos out there, not just the Maganacs. With all the unknown aces
that could have been in the GW universe, it's a high possibility...

I am NOT a starving writer.

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