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>I have been going through everything online to find out how many Gundams
>there are. So far I have found that each Gundam has at least three diffrent
>alterations. I am thinking of the original five and the Tallgesse. If
>there are more then three for any one of these Gundam models what are they?
>The other Gundams only have one incarnation except that purley mobile doll
>unit that has two. If I am wrong about any of this tell me. Also where is
>a good place to find Gundam X pics and subtitled eps online?

The GW MS had at least three versions, with some having four. I wouldn't
consider the Wing Zero a version of the Zero though, since it predates all
of them. But there you go: the original okawara stuff, the katoki EW, and
the retcon Katoki.

Would the Leo and the Serpent be considered linear progression??

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