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> Omega Gundam
>A young man. A squadron of greens. A patchwork Gundam. Ancient treasures. An
>evil force. Corruption. The war between the Feddies and Zion looks like it
>about to conclude. But there is something out there, hunting them both down.
>Can they band together, or will they split at the seams?
>Okay, you may have guessed, this is my upcoming fc. There is room for
>some wingmen, etc. You want a pert, send me a profile. And one thing - The
>evil force is not an alien.

Yeah....finally! a fic.

Well, due to Fed's amusement, am now writing an original mecha fic,
continuing my GWing fic -- and I will make the parody fic where the
infamous line "Peacecraft Sword!" (you guys guessed it...voltron meets GW)
as an object lesson in cheesy ideas...

I am NOT a starving writer.

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