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Very cool, though it's generally considered bad form to send email
attachments to the list (many people use text only mail clients).

Now, you should see about machining some Zaku shoulder spikes (I saw some
nice sharp ones in one of the Gundam Weapons books, which look really nice).
Hmm, I wish I had access to some of this equipment, I can imagine making all
kinds of cool stuff....

Peter Savin

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> O.K., I thought I'd share this with you guys. I'm sure most of you know
> of or have seen the Victory Gundam Beam Rifle toy that came out when V
> Gundam was on the air in Japan - but they never had a Beam Saber toy
> (that I know of). Well, apart from being a Gundamphile, I am also a
> Machinist (my "real life" job). Last year, about the same time as Star
> Wars EP1 came out, I got "lightsaber fever" - and proceeded to make over
> 20 lightsabers in the course of the following 9 months. One of them is
> a Gundam Mk-II Beam Saber (see attached pic). It is made entirely of
> aluminum, and the "button" is made of delrin. I hope you all like it.
> Trevor in California


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