Nicholas \ (
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 18:36:28 -0700

Gearing up for Otaku No Festival ( this weekend
and checking out what vendors are going to be there, and found a kickass
anime shop here in Calgary .. so i'm browsing their Gundam goods
( and I see:
Gundam Episode Guide Vol. 1
The first part of the one year war. 158pages.
cdn= $30.00
us= $21.43

Anyone know what this is? English? Japanese? Art book? Source book? Worth
the money, etc .. as always, your opinions are valued =)

On a second note, anybody have any of the Banpresto Gundam DX figures? They
look pretty cool, and I have a complete set of Banpresto SD Macross
valkyries that I just love (they guard my computer) ... so some gundams
would be a nice addition. Same for the "transforming" amuro rei into nu
gundam. Supposed to be recieved this weekend, but I can only find artwork,
no actual pictures.

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