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The 1/144 Wing Gundam. At that point, I'd only seen the first few eps. of
0080 and 0083(This was January 2000, btw) and Gundam Wing was two months
away. At that time, most of the online stores I was familiar with only had
the Wing kits in stock(since they were gearing up for the Cartoon Network
release), so I ordered the Wing. I did have a few problems, of course. I
broke both the skirt armor and the V-fin. After some glue I was able to fix
the skirt armor, bu the V-fin was too much.Oh yeah, I also accidentally
threw away the beam saber. I also lost the red-chin sticker as well, so I
used marker to color the chin red. After many other kits, I decided to
return to my "Damaged" Wing in May and pen in the panel lines using the
techniques I had learned over that time. But the V-fin still kinda stands
anybody know how I can get replacement parts? I E-mailed Bandai about it,
but they said "Only when we make the kits more available".
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> >>I think only the Sazabi has screws.....
> >
> >My Nu (The first Gundam kit I ever built) had screws...
> >
> Hey what was everyone's first Gundam kit?
> Mine was the Zeta plus, because I thought it looked the coolest.
> Funny, it's also the only kit I ever completely glued, sanded, gap
> filled, and painted up.
> Since then, it's been snap together, panel line filling, and a touch
> or two of paint, then up on the shelf.
> -James
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