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>My thoughts:
>Will Smith, Federation MS Ace, mobile suit, RGM-79W "Custom Big Willy" GM

Frightening thought.

>you know who'd look great as a Zeon Pilot, Mel Gibson, he's Middle-aged and
>kinda chubby he's got zeon written all over him. Since he always goes for
>those hero parts where he and his partner take down entire armies(Lethal
>Weapon,The Patriot) , it would be real cool to watch the shock on his face to
>see a Fed MS for the first time and get shot down!! BOOM!
>Bruce Willis would be cool as a Zeon pilot too, he has a a hardened soldier
>look, and would be cool as someone like Aina's stepfather-person guy (I forgot
>his name :P).
>Sean Connery would kickass as Guyya!
>well... thats all i got... >,<

We would need a cameo by Keanu Reeves as a Lt or a Cpt on a Fed ship during Operation Ruum. He's only on there long enough for him to say "whoa!" as he sees Char streak past just before his ship blows up.

Hey, it's the only line he's really good at (although I'd still like to see him as Hamlet just to hear him deliver the line, "Rosencrantz! Guildenstern! My most excellent, good friends!!!").

And Kurt Russel would have good possibilities as a veteran pilot-type character. He did well enough in the Stargate movie, IMO (btw, this was another good pilot movie in which the series improved on the theme).


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