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Wed, 14 Jun 2000 19:09:11 -0400

If John Travolta can get Battlefield Earth made into a feature film (thats
crap) maybe Will Smith can get Gundam made into a major motion picture. How
about ID4 U.C. 0279... >>

My thoughts:

Will Smith, Federation MS Ace, mobile suit, RGM-79W "Custom Big Willy" GM

you know who'd look great as a Zeon Pilot, Mel Gibson, he's Middle-aged and
kinda chubby he's got zeon written all over him. Since he always goes for
those hero parts where he and his partner take down entire armies(Lethal
Weapon,The Patriot) , it would be real cool to watch the shock on his face to
see a Fed MS for the first time and get shot down!! BOOM!

Bruce Willis would be cool as a Zeon pilot too, he has a a hardened soldier
look, and would be cool as someone like Aina's stepfather-person guy (I forgot
his name :P).

Sean Connery would kickass as Guyya!

well... thats all i got... >,<

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