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Lim Jyue wrote:

> in 0083, the MSes do take damage when hit by grunt suits, something
> that I see Wing Gundams simply disregard. I mean, Gundarium might be good,
> but come on! =)

The armor really isn't that far out. in the gulf war perfectly good soviet made
tanks had a very hard time doing any damage to the M1-A1s armor. why do you have
such a hard time believing that such a super armor could be built hundreds of
years in the future? It is also very rare and cost prohibitive which is why only
a few MSs have it.

> Of the Gundam UC stories I've seen, both 0080 and CCA treats MSes
> like military equipment, throwing them away when it broke down. 0083 has a
> similar theme, but it has a superweapon feel to it too. Wing simply toss the
> idea out the window, and goes back to the super-robot days, something which
> is entertaining in its own right.

The original RX-78 was a super weapon that was eventually destroyed by another
super weapon.

---Brett Jensen

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