Michael Wong x4241 (Michael.Wong@nsc.com)
Wed, 14 Jun 2000 14:02:20 -0700 (PDT)

Dear List

> >Hey what was everyone's first Gundam kit?

The original 1:144 Gundam RX-78... actually, I bought a whole batch of them, but
the Gundam RX-78 was the first one I built. I used to have the whole set of
1:144, 1:100, and 1:60 kits from the original series when they first aired on
TV in Hong Kong. Had to throw them all away when I moved to the U.S. in late
80's, sigh. Along with them goes my collection of Doraemon manga, and Chinese
mangas/toys (sets of Buddhist's Palm, Drunken Fist, most of Dragon Tiger Door,
Bruce Lee... plus some American comics like X-Men (the Mutant Massacre issues!!)
and Avengers but managed to save my Chinese Heroes & Storm-Riders comics + some
of my Transformers and Micro-Man collection) they would be worth a fortune
nowadays. 8(


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