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Wed, 14 Jun 2000 13:46:32 -0700

James Boren wrote:
> Hey what was everyone's first Gundam kit?
> -James

My first Gundam models were the Zeta Gundam series High Complete Models
(which aren't really models - more like toys, so I guess that doesn't
really count...). I built a handfull of various mecha models throughout
the mid 80's (from Macross, Dougram, Dragonar[!!], Layzner, etc.), but
the first Gundam "kits" I ever built were the ReGZ and Sazabi from CCA.
 I bought them at the same time, and I can't quite remember which one I
finished first (I was in Japan at the time, and had just seen CCA in
the theatres - boy, was that a long time ago...).

        Trevor in California

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