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>I have been going through everything online to find out how many Gundams
>there are. So far I have found that each Gundam has at least three diffrent
>alterations. I am thinking of the original five and the Tallgesse. If
>there are more then three for any one of these Gundam models what are they?
>The other Gundams only have one incarnation except that purley mobile doll
>unit that has two. If I am wrong about any of this tell me.

If you are refering to solely the Gundam Wing Gundams, there are as you said, three versions, the original, the rebuilt versions that appear later in the series, and the retcons done for the OVA "Endless Waltz" (although, as the term retcon indicates, these were supposed to be what the ones in the final episodes of the series truly looked like). There are also three versions of the Talgeese, 2 in the series and one in the OVA. All three of these are seperate designs, not built from parts of the original version.

As for the other mobile suits in the series, none are Gundams. A Gundam is a specific type of mobile suit, usually of a prototypical or limited production run nature. These other suits have a few different stylistic differences, but for the most part remain the same other than color in any version you see in the series. The primary difference is if it is piloted or a mobile doll. The only exception to this is the ground based Leo vs the space type Leo.

It should also be noted that there are at present 8 different Gundam tv series, 4 theatrical movies (I think?), and 4 OAVs (I think) as well as numerous novels, manga and radio productions, etc., all of which had their own version of the Gundam or even more than one Gundam during their runs. Wing is not the original Gundam, it is actually the third most recent one. If you want more info visit the Mecha Domain at

for technical info on all the mobile suits, fighters, tanks, and spacecraft or visit the Gundam Project for synopsis of the various stories and characters. The GP is at

There are also several other good sites out there, such as Newtype Asylum, located at the link below:

>Also where is
>a good place to find Gundam X pics and subtitled eps >online?

Try this site:

I haven't found very many others, but then again, I haven't looked all that much (even though I really like Gundam X). It doesn't have anything about subtilted eps., but it does have some good pics.

As for subtitle vids, as X is not available commercially here in America, the only places I know to get them would be through fansubbers. While I know of a few, they should not/cannot be discussed on this mailing list for legal reasons. However, you can look on some sites found on the Anime Turnpike. You can find fansub sites listed there.

Hope this helps.


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