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I guess I spoke too soon. I am glad we will see some quality anime. Now, if they will only get off their butts and do ZETA GUNDAM!


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  Here's the quoted report:

""More anime on TV? How about everyone's favorite dramatic & action packed

In a news post at Anime News Service, it seems Planet Namek and a few other
sources have spotted commercials on the U.S. Sci-Fi Channel showing clips of
Neon Genesis Evangelion while revealing news of a Sci-Fi summer anime lineup.
Also posted, 6 months ago, Sci-Fi Channel listed they were ready to broadcast
an anime series in January, and more recently, the network is getting ready
to bring Slayers TV series to Sci-Fi viewers. Has the popularity of anime
"boomed" or what? Now, we're probably going to see a huge interest by
Hollywood. I bet a lot of readers have noticed the movie industry taking big
interest in comic book properties, one of the latest (but not the best
choice) being Echo, a property created by Dark Minds creator Pat Lee.""

  Has anyone seen this commericial? I haven't been watching Sci-Fi that much
lately. IF this turns out to be true, the OP and END should be left intact,
as when Sci-Fi used to do those annual anime festivials, they kept everything
intact, although it was dubbed.


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