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In the MS Gundam novels, Hayato dies in the last book. Char hits
Hayato's Guncannon with a blast from his Rick Dom's beam bazooka.

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> *SPOILER* In the later half of ZZ (Episode 35
> "Ochitekita Sora" (The Sky that fell down)), Hayato flies a Dodai
> (those platforms that MS stand on) and he gets killed while the battle
> is going on. Him and the Kalaba crew are in Dublin trying to get all
> the people out before the Colony is dropped. They were fighting Dakan
> and his men and he was trying to buy time for Judoo and friends to
> complete the docking sequence. I'll be writing an episode by episode
> summary (on episode 4 right now). Once I get to that episode, I'll
> notify you. However, they did not show Frau or the remaining 2
> orphans (Kiki and Retsu).
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> Hi, as you can see, I'm a little spoiler-privy, and I
> noticed this on Mark Simmons's UC timeline, but not in his
> ZZ Gundam outline. I'm wondering, what happens to
> everybody's favorite Guntank pilot? And what of Frau Brow
> and the Orphans? Chris

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