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> >Just so. It takes considerable expenditure of fuel and energy to try and
> >them out of the sky before they hit, so you get a free ride to the target
> >the enemy is forced to expend valuable resources to deflect or destroy
> >incoming missiles.
> In the first place, is it possible to detect these
> I would have thought this would have been an ideal weapon to
>threated the Earth Federation with. Use an unmarked transport to scatter
>these things into Earth's Orbit, and when the time comes, just threaten
>Jaburo with a constant barrage of such weapons. As long as you have a
>greater military presence in space and can achieve localized space
>superiority, there's pretty much nothing that the Federation can do to
>eliminate the threat totally, short of nuking the area.
> In fact, these Brilliant Pebbles can probably be modified to go
>transports rising from the Earth's surface. This will interdict traffic
>between Earth and the other Federation military bases in space, hence
>Zeon's life much easier in space.

I think the big problem would be coming up with a guidance system for the
brilliant pebbles that's useable in a Minovski particle environment.

> Of course, these measures simply doesn't have the same physical
>pyschological impact that a colony drop will have.. (^_^)
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