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In the later half of ZZ (Episode 35 "Ochitekita Sora" (The Sky that fell down)), Hayato flies a Dodai (those platforms that MS stand on) and he gets killed while the battle is going on. Him and the Kalaba crew are in Dublin trying to get all the people out before the Colony is dropped. They were fighting Dakan and his men and he was trying to buy time for Judoo and friends to complete the docking sequence. I'll be writing an episode by episode summary (on episode 4 right now). Once I get to that episode, I'll notify you. However, they did not show Frau or the remaining 2 orphans (Kiki and Retsu).
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  Hi, as you can see, I'm a little spoiler-privy, and I noticed this on Mark Simmons's UC timeline, but not in his ZZ Gundam outline. I'm wondering, what happens to everybody's favorite Guntank pilot? And what of Frau Brow and the Orphans?


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